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        We want to spend quality time with your family. No staging, no posing, no direction – just life as it is. We believe in the significance of everyday routine and aim to capture snapshots of your day as it unfolds. Everything happens naturally and the photos we create together feel that way too.


        A photo-book for every year your children get older. Family life changes drastically as time moves on. Photographs offer a way to transport yourself back to how things were the moment they were captured. Put it in a photo-book for safe-keeping and pass it on from generation to generation.

        Testimonial - Real Snapshots

        When we first met Brian we instantly loved his fun and friendly nature. It felt like we were friends who were always up for good times. We knew that the photos would be great because we felt so comfortable with him.

        Brian first shot our wedding and as our family grew, we were so excited to have him shoot the next phase of our lives. We loved the way his photos captured our day to day- nothing fancy or staged, nothing posed or forced, just those natural moments that truly embody the special and real snapshots of our family. Not to mention, our little girl LOVED Brian and couldn’t get enough of him!! She obviously knew what we knew which is: Brian is an awesome guy!!
        - The Akhursts

        Testimonial - Highs and Lows

        The thing about life with toddlers is that your day to day is filled with such highs and lows, and when you are dealing with a low moment the last thing you want or are capable of doing is to take a photo. The highs are so sweet that you just want to soak it all in and be in it. Having PICNIC come and spend a few hours documenting us in our environment, doing the things that we do in a typical day left us with an honest reflection of our time that we will forever treasure, and hopefully we will get to do this again year after year.
        - The Emery Akhtars

        Testimonial - Growing Up So fast

        We recently engaged Brian to shoot a day in the life of our family. We were delighted with what he produced.

        Brian was with us from waking in the morning, to going about our day throughout town, to heading back home in the late afternoon. Nothing unusual, just the normal activities we enjoy on any weekend. His ease makes others at ease, even in front of the camera, which translates to photos that are genuine.

        What he did was capture an era in our lives that will soon and subtly change forever, and he did it naturally and beautifully.
        The Camerons

        Testimonial - Treasured Moments

        We just watched the slideshow and we LOVE it!! You captured so many moments that have already been lost even in the short time that has passed (I can’t believe how much Jamie has grown?!). We will treasure them so, so much, and can’t thank you enough, Brian 💛 What a gift. Thank you thank you thank you!
        - The Canedos
        June 28, 2018

        A Morning With Twins.

        Myriam & Taj are a fraternal boy/girl twin, and I couldn't have been more excited to spend time with them as I am myself a boy/girl twin. While I can only speak for my own experience, growing up a...
        May 18, 2018

        An Afternoon With the Akhursts.

        Back in 2012, I photographed Steph and Brent's wedding. 6 years later I had the pleasure of photographing another day in their life, but this time with the newest member of their family, Aria. She's a...
        May 9, 2018

        Welcome to PICNIC.

        This is a photo I took of my brother flipping our cousin over in the pool, but there is so much more to how this image makes me feel than meets the eye. In 2013 my family returned to South Africa f...